Citizenship by Investment

European and Caribbean Citizenship by Investment programs provide families with the privilege of acquiring a second passport. This allows applicants the opportunity to have a plan B for their family in the unlikely event of political turmoil or any other reasons why they must escape their country.

Citizenship By Investment

The advantages of having dual citizenship are endless and bountiful. Seize the opportunity to become a dual national, unlocking the privileges of holding a second citizenship.

If you have only one citizenship, your country has a monopoly over you. You can end this by having multiple citizenships.

Imagine if your government decides to impose citizenship-based taxation, and you don't have a fallback nationality, you'll end up paying taxes that you don’t want to pay. Obtaining a second citizenship shifts leverage away from the state and more towards you.

Simple facts remain that people with multiple citizenships are much harder to control because they have options.

Obtaining second citizenship can have numerous benefits. In this globalized era, obtaining dual citizenship is not difficult. Therefore, Global Migrate brings the most accessible and opportune chances for individuals to become dual nationals and enjoy the perks of having a second citizenship.

A dual citizenship passport has ample proven benefits, and the most prominent is having visa-free access to more than 150 countries. Furthermore, with second citizenship, a person simultaneously remains a citizen of two countries.

If you are interested in having a second citizenship but afraid of the stringent procedures and policies, then Citizenship by Investment (CBI) is a great deal to secure for the future.

Best Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs

Caribbean Islands are broadly recognized for their most suitable geographic conditions, tropical landscapes, and fast-paced Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programs.

The Caribbean islands, admired for their citizenship by investment programs, are as follows:


Dominica is known to be fertile land, having exotic landscapes and a wealthy standard of living. Similar to other Caribbean countries, Dominica allows visa-free entry to over 140 countries, including:

  • Schengen Area
  • United Kingdom
  • Singapore
  • China
  • Hong Kong

Dominica Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Program provides investors with a passport that allows visa-free travel to more than 147 countries. Dominica's passport is also ranked the 29th most powerful globally.


Grenada is a favored destination for second citizenship, allowing visa-free entry to over 140 countries. Grenada's passport also allows visa-free access in:

  • Schengen Area
  • United Kingdom
  • China

With Grenada's Citizenship by Investment program, investors can obtain citizenship as early as four to six months.

Antigua and Barbuda

With an Antigua and Barbuda passport, individuals can travel visa-free to over 150 countries, including:

  • United Kingdom
  • Schengen Area
  • Canada

The Antigua and Barbuda passport is also ranked the 23rd most powerful globally. So being an Antigua and Barbuda dual citizen can unlock many benefits globally.

St. Kitts and Nevis

St. Kitts and Nevis's dual citizenship program allows foreign investors to obtain a second passport by investing in the country's real estate sector. St. Kitts and Nevis offer visa-free travel to over 150 countries, including:

  • United Kingdom
  • Schengen Area
  • Canada

St. Kitts & Nevis offers one of the world's oldest citizenship-by-investment programs.

St. Lucia

In Saint Lucia, foreign investors can get dual citizenship through the citizenship by investment program. This second citizenship allows the holders to have visa-free entry to over 140 countries, including:

  • Schengen Area
  • United Kingdom
  • Hong Kong

Also, St. Lucia is on the list of the most potent passports worldwide, ranking 27th globally.

The country's immigration can also make your best dual citizenship combination and your native citizenship.


Among the best country for dual citizenship, Vanuatu is an archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean, known for its exceptional beauty and splendid lands. Vanuatu allows visa-free entry to over 130 countries, including:

  • United Kingdom
  • Russia

The country's CBI program has accessible investment opportunities and offers a hassle-free process for dual citizenship.


The Turkey Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program offers numerous benefits to investors. With Turkish citizenship, individuals gain visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to over 110 countries, including the:

  • Schengen Zone

The dual citizenship holders can also enjoy the advantages of a growing economy, favorable tax policies, diverse investment opportunities, and a strategic location bridging Europe and Asia.


Dual citizenship by investment is an incredibly accessible pathway for residents of both Dubai, Saudi, and GCC to acquire a second passport. The easiest of which are the Caribbean countries due to their streamlined and welcoming policies towards investors.

Renowned for having the fastest turnaround times, the Caribbean citizenship by investment programs are highly sought after. Offering efficient processing times, allowing you to receive your 2nd passport in as little time as 3 - 4 months (provided all documentation is available and in order).

The Caribbean overall has the most efficient and straightforward citizenship by investment programs. With various destinations within the Caribbean offering clear-cut investment routes, acquiring a second passport without the need for prolonged residency periods or complex legal obstacles.

The main objective of acquiring a 2nd passport is by making a significant economic contribution to the host country. Available in various forms like:
  • Government Fund Donation
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Business Investment
Subject to a background check and legal processing as per the specific nation's law, you could have dual citizenship faster than you think.

This is more often than not a personal choice, based on the requirements of the investor. Some investors may be more focused on tax advantages, which include other investment opportunities or freedom of travel. Caribbean countries rank highly for their favourable programs and residents of Dubai and Saudi can indeed apply for these programs.

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How to get Caribbean Citizenship?

Caribbean citizenship is becoming more favorable daily by investors and foreigners globally. The prime cause is their expeditious immigration and dual citizenship programs, highly ranked passports, and a finer standard of living in the Caribbean islands.

If you want to become a dual national with a second passport from the Caribbean islands, Global Migrate offers free consultation and assistance for Citizenship by investment programs.

With these programs, individuals can acquire alternative citizenship, which obliges them to travel freely to 130+ countries and settle in another country.

Invest a minimum amount of USD 100,000, and get dual citizenship quickly, even without the obligation of fulfilling the residency requirements.

Let us guide you toward a life of enhanced freedom, protection, and global mobility.

Would you like to find out more or check if you are eligible? Speak to a Global Expert

Why You Need to Invest In Dual Citizenship

Expand Your Travel Horizons
Dual citizenship opens up possibilities, enabling you to travel visa-free into 140+ countries or with relaxed visa requirements. Experience hassle-free international travel, explore new cultures and seize exciting business and leisure opportunities without the limitations of a single passport.
Diversify Your Assets and Investments
Second citizenship allows you to diversify your assets and investments across multiple jurisdictions, reducing political and economic instability risks. By strategically holding citizenship in a stable and prosperous country, you can safeguard your wealth and ensure a secure financial future for yourself and your loved ones.
Minimum Investment Requirements
The minimum investment required for the Citizenship by Investment programs starts from $100,000 only. Whereas the requirements can depend on the country. Each program has unique investment requirements, allowing individuals to choose the option that best suits their needs and aspirations.
Mitigate Geopolitical Risks
The world is constantly evolving, and geopolitical uncertainties can impact the stability of a nation. Owning dual citizenship provides a vital safety net, offering an alternative place to call home should unforeseen events disrupt your current country of residence.

How Citizenship By Investment Programs Can Secure Your Future


Safety and Security

Dual citizenship offers you and your family security in an ever-changing world. It provides a backup plan, allowing swift relocation to a safe and stable country should the need arise. Protect your loved ones by securing their future through the benefits of dual citizenship.


Education and Healthcare

Access to world-class education and healthcare is a priority for many individuals and families. Dual citizenship can grant you and your loved ones access to renowned educational institutions and top-tier healthcare systems, ensuring future generations' best opportunities and well-being.


Generational Wealth Transfer

Obtaining dual citizenship lays the foundation for generational wealth transfer. Pass down the advantages of a strong passport to your children, enabling them to thrive and prosper in an increasingly globalized world.

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