Citizenship by Investment

Citizenship in Turkey is an attractive prospect for Middle Eastern investors, granting holders visa-free access to 111 countries around the world as well as access to free education and free healthcare.



Turkey has a broadly recognized Citizenship by Investment program. Turkey offers a simplified and beneficial CBI program for foreigners.

Apart from its countless benefits, the noteworthy advantages of the Turkey Citizenship By Investment program include:

  • Turkish Citizenship
  • Low Processing Time (2-4 Months)
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Second Passport of Turkey
  • Visa Free Travel to 100+ countries

You can become a Turkey dual resident and gain a second passport by investing in Turkey and avail yourself of all the advantages of being a European citizen.


Turkey is a transcontinental country, spanning its boundaries into three majestic seas and two diverse continents of Asia and Europe. Widely known as the tourist hub, with magnificent landscapes, rich historical architecture, and exciting tourist attractions, Turkey is a place almost every tourist loves.

In previous years, Turkey has done a lot to grow its economy, and similarly, the country has been a prominent trade route and a trade partner between the two continents. Again, to support direct foreign investment in the country, Turkey has launched various initiatives by offering citizenship through investment programs.

By launching the Citizenship by Investment program in 2017, Turkey allowed foreign investors to obtain a second passport of Turkey by investing in the country's real estate sector. However, with this CBI program, you can invest in Turkey’s growing economy and make your business flourish with the growing trade and development projects in Turkey.

Visa Free Travel

Turkey has always remained on the list of global leaders and has always maintained healthy ties with all continents, which is the primary reason for Turkish citizens' permission to travel around more than 100 countries without a visa.

You heard right; with this second passport, you are allowed to have visa-free access to Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and a list of 100 + countries.

Full Citizenship Granted

With Turkey’s immigration, the settlers are granted full citizenship rights as first-class citizens. You can have access to the highly developed healthcare system, have life security, and can get free education as well.

No Residence Requirement

With the citizenship by investment program, it is not obligatory for the investors to physically live in Turkey to get a passport; only submitting the documents and making proper investments in the declared sectors can make you a Turkey citizen.

Family Reunification

Under this program, the dependent children of the investors are eligible to obtain their second passports as well. In their application, the primary applicant may add their spouse, dependent children under the age of 18, and children of any age who are disabled.

Flexible Requirements

Mostly the immigration processes are daunting and always challenging, but the case of Turkey's dual citizenship program is pretty much different. This program has very flexible requirements, and the investors are not required to possess any specific language proficiency or specific certain skills.

Shorter Processing Time

Turkey always prioritizes its investment holders and similarly does the processing of their applications earlier. For this program, your application is processed within 4-5 months, and you obtain your second passport easily.

Eligibility for Turkey Citizenship By Investment Program:

The eligibility requirements for the applicants include the following:

  • Purchasing real estate worth USD 400,000 in Turkey.

The property must not be sold within the first three years of purchase.

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