The Portugal D7 Visa is an affordable and attractive visa allowing non-EU citizens to get Portuguese residency provided they have sufficient funds to sustain themselves during their stay in Portugal. This visa is ideal for retirees or entrepreneurs who want to live in Portugal without having to make a major economic investment. The D7 visa can then be renewed after one year for two successive periods of two years and can be converted into a permanent residence permit after five years.


With the Portugal D7 Visa, foreign nationals or entrepreneurs can:

Obtain Portugal Residence Permit
Live and Work in Portugal
Get an Easy Visa Extension
Freely travel within Schengen Area

The D7 Visa allows you to obtain a residence permit quickly without requiring you to invest a hefty amount of funds in the country.


Introduced by the Portuguese government in 2007, the D7 visa is considered a unique type of visa because of its advantages.

The D7 Visa for Portugal is often called a retirement visa or a visa for passive income. Furthermore, this visa encourages non-EU/EEA/Swiss nationals with a sustainable passive income to apply for residency in Portugal.

This passive income can be from various sources, including pensions, transferrable equity, real estate, intellectual property, and financial investments.


A yearly salary of €8,460 is the minimum amount needed for this visa, plus 50% for the spouse and 30% for each dependent kid. This particular rule applies to every candidate, regardless of their place of birth.

The following conditions should be met in order to be eligible for a D7 visa:

Non-EU nationality
Sufficient funds
Clear criminal record.
Spending at least 16 months in Portugal during the first 2 years.


The Portugal D7 visa offers several benefits for non-EU/EEA/Swiss nationals with a sustainable passive income, including the following:

Visa-Free Travel:

The most significant benefit of the D7 visa is that this visa has been registered with the Schengen Information system; therefore, it enables visa-free travel throughout the Schengen region.

Residency Permit

Once you have a D7 visa, you are eligible to apply for a one-year residence permit in Portugal. After that, you can renew it as well.

National Benefits

When you become a resident of Portugal, you are also entitled to different benefits offered by the government. These benefits include access to National Health Service Center and National Education Service, Vocational training, and access to Portuguese National Law.

Family Reunification

The D7 visa holders can easily bring along their families by requesting Family Reunification.

How Can Global Migrate Help?

Global Migrate is specialized in dealing with all Portugal immigration matters. Over the past years, we have helped numerous applicants with the D7 visa application process by providing expert guidance and support.

Our services also include the following:

  • Initial consultation
  • Document checks
  • Visa application submissions

Global Migrate can help individuals and families successfully obtain the D7 visa and take advantage of its many benefits in Portugal.


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