If you wish to set up a Business in the UK or if you wish to expand your current overseas business to the UK, you may find that the Self Sponsorship route is the ideal way to work and live in the UK. It is important to note that there is no official visa called the ‘Self Sponsorship Visa’ but rather a route to enter the UK under the Skilled Worker Visa category.


With the UK Self Sponsorship Visa, you can establish your own business in the UK without a sponsor needed. Through this self-sponsorship route, you can:

Live and Work in the UK
Set up a Business in the UK
Obtain Permanent Residence

It is worth noting that there is no official route for a Self-Sponsorship visa. The applicants can set up their own businesses in the UK and let their business sponsor them under the Skilled Worker, Innovator, and Start-up visa categories.

Self-Sponsorship Visa For the UK

Entrepreneurs or innovators intending to set up a business in the UK can follow this fast-track immigration program. The self-sponsorship route enables you to let your business sponsor yourself in the UK.

In order to work in the UK, you are required to have a sponsor license for employment. In the case of this visa, your established company sends you a relevant license enabling a self-sponsored route for you.

The self-sponsored route is an optimal choice for the individuals in business background, entrepreneurs, or those with established businesses in the UK.

With this route, you can live and work in the UK and follow a legitimated pathway for permanent residence and British citizenship for you and your family.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this visa, applicants must meet the following criteria:

However, there is no minimum requirement for this category.

UK Self-Sponsorship Visa Process:

The self-sponsorship route can be followed through the Skilled Worker, Innovator, and Start-Up visa. The process for acquiring a Skilled Worker visa through sponsorship includes the following steps:

The process may vary according to the applied visa category.

Benefits of UK Self Sponsorship Visa:

There are numerous benefits of the UK Self Sponsorship visa, including the following:

Once after qualifying for this category, you can apply for settlement (ILR) in the UK after 5 years.

It is not mandatory for you to have your business idea endorsed by an approved endorsing body in the UK.

There is no such requirement of investing minimum funds for this category.

The applicants can accompany their spouse and children to the UK once after qualifying for this category.

With the self-sponsorship, visa termination is impossible, as the applicant is sponsored under his own business.

How Can Global Migrate Help?

Global Migrate is committed to providing comprehensive immigration services to individuals seeking the UK Self-Sponsorship Visa. Our team of experienced immigration experts is dedicated to guiding and assisting applicants throughout the entire application process. Here's how we can help:

  • Initial Consultation and Assessment
  • Business Idea Development
  • Endorsement Guidance
  • Application Preparation and Documentation
  • Visa Application Submission
  • Ongoing Support and Communication
  • Post-Visa Approval Assistance

At Global Migrate, we understand the importance of a successful visa application and its impact on your business aspirations.

Global Migrate aims to provide a seamless and hassle-free experience, ensuring that your UK Self-Sponsorship Visa application is handled with the utmost care and expertise.

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